EST 2018

2018? Well...

To be honest, it was more like 2016 when Danielle, the creator of the EasyStrands first thought of the idea. Having already worked for eleven years as a professional Hair Extensionist, she was always frustrated with the hair strands that kept getting tangled up while waiting to be fitted. She searched and searched online but she couldn’t find anything that could hold individual strands. Finally, to end her frustration she decided to create one herself!

Getting together with her Step-mum, Elle, the two worked hard for the next two years on Research and Development until finally, in 2018 at Salon International, EasyStrands® was launched, by which time it had already been nominated for Innovation of the Year award by the National Hair Federation!

In 2019, EasyStrands® was again nominated for Innovation of the Year awards by both the National Hair Federation and Hairdressers Journal!

Since then, Easystrands has gone from strength to strength, selling all over the world!

The way Hair Extensionists work has evolved. Be a part of it.