Hair extensions are held gently but firmly in place with the stainless steel comb which sits vertically, parallel to the holder. The EasyStrands® has smooth, flat, surfaces on two sides enabling hair to hang straight down and be brushed thoroughly from bond to tip before fitting; keeping it in tip top condition.

The 18cm long x 5cm deep toothed comb allows for over 500 strands (400g) of any pre-tipped bonds to be held, in order, at any time with room for several loaded ring wands too. The comb can also hold wefts, tapes and clip-ins.

Each tooth is elegantly spaced to allow just enough hair to sit without falling through and has a rounded tip and edge to protect the hair cuticles. The smoothness of the steel enables the strands to be lifted easily, one by one, from the comb without become tangled or clinging to one another. The comb is essentially heat proof and stain proof, removable for protection and is easily cleaned. 

Due to it’s unique, registered design, the comb can fit vertically or horizontally simply by turning the holder 90­° and re-inserting the comb in the other way.

The specially designed adjustable fixings can be tightened by hand to create a temporary yet secure fit to the edge of virtually any surface up to 40mm deep. Brass inserts prevent the screws from damaging the holder and becoming loose.

The colour matching moulded feet secure the holder in place and help to protect surfaces from damage. The heat and stain proof silicone mat (supplied with purchase) adds additional protection and grip

There’s no need for tools to look boring! The multifaceted, colour matching, crystal handles add an extra aesthetically pleasing finishing touch to the hair extensions holder so it will always look good in the salon or home.

The logo is clearly embossed inside the mould during manfacturing and finished with an additional layer of printed gold foil creating a long lasting impression that will withstand the test of time.

My Story - Danielle


EasyStrands was invented in early 2017 by Danielle Crookall, a professional hair stylist with over 14 years experience in fitting over 11 methods of extensions. Danielle spent many years trying to find a solution to the problem of what to do with the strands of hair whilst they were waiting to be fitted. After searching the world over for such a tool, not only did she realise that a suitable tool was not available but there was also a great need in the market for one to be made. 


Following several months of research, careful planning, design and three prototypes, Danielle finally had a blue print for an extensions holder that was functional, adjustable, portable and affordable. As a bonus, she made it look good too! The EasyStrands Hair Extensions Holder is able to hold over 500 individual strands of any pre-tipped bonds as well as tapes, clip-ins and wefts. EasyStrands is made in the UK with a high quality, strong, durable plastic and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The stainless steel comb is replaceable should it ever need it, making this a one off purchase that will last for years to come. At EasyStrands we are all environmentally friendly so it was important to us that all components of the EasyStrands are fully recyclable where facilities allow. Order your EasyStrands Hair Extensions Holder today and see how much time it can save you.


The EasyStrands website went live in march 2018 and pre-ordering became available on May 4th 2018. The EasyStrands hair extensions holder and it's partner product, The Custom Colour Mat, were both officially launched at Salon International, London in October 2018.In the meantime, the EasyStrands hair extensions holder had already been nominated for the Best Innovation Award 2018 by the National Hair Federation! EasyStrands are seeking new suppliers around the world to help with the ever increasing demand from overseas customers.